A few years ago I was struggling with intense joint pain which caused me to drop my gym membership and stop working out because it was too painful. After 4-5 months of dealing with my pain I was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and found the right medication to help manage the pain. My Rheumatologist mentioned that strength training is important to help build up muscle which protects joints that are affected by arthritis. That is when I began working with Amy. She started me out gradually with lower intensity to help build my muscle strength back up and learn correct form so that I would not further injure my joints. She gradually increased the intensity as my strength and form improved. I have been working with Amy for a few years now and it has been one of the best investments I've made in my health. She honors my limitations when I do have flare-ups with my arthritis, but she also safely pushes me beyond my expectations. Amy is extremely knowledgeable about personal training, working out, eating right, and living an overall healthy lifestyle.

Maria P.

Amy has been my personal trainer for almost a year. In the year I have been working with Amy I have lost almost 30 pounds and am in much better physical shape. Amy worked me hard each week and had high expectations for me. She never gave up on me even when I wanted to quit. She was fun to work with and I always felt she genuinely cared about me and my physical well-being. Working out has never been my favorite thing to do and sometimes always seemed to get in the way of me doing it. Having a regular appointment with Amy forced me to keep that commitment. I highly recommend Amy for anyone wanting to get into better shape.

Kathleen M..

At this time I'm Amy's oldest client. At 68 years of age, arthritis has affected my joints, and the training sessions help a lot. We do the weight exercises to help with the loss of bone density. Thank you Amy, for being such a patient trainer.

The rewards of a weekly session with Amy are many. Her tips on eating healthy are very helpful. With her helpful advice, and encouragement, I'm going to lose weight. I notice a decline in the high blood pressure readings that I had. A cholesterol testing will be done in the near future and I'm hopeful that those results will also be favorable.

I work full time at a job where I sit all day. In fact, the busier In am, the more I sit. I always found it difficult to find time for proper exercise........but with Amy's coaching I'm doing quite well. Amy, you are appreciated very much!!

Theresa K.

Amy offers an opportunity to maximize the results you see from the time you put into the gym. She will hold you accountable to push hard in workouts as well as make a solid commitment of your time, and in effect you are much more likely to reach your fitness goals. She gives you insight into how to improve your diet and always has a creative and fun new workout when you walk in for your appointment. Amy takes your workouts to the next level by helping you create and maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle.

Sara V.

Working with Amy has been inspiring. She keeps me motivated to continue working on my goals - increase of core strength and decrease in body fat composition. Amy keeps the workouts interesting and new - I have yet to do the same workout twice.

Having tried many other "diets" in the past, they all were geared to the quick fix and or had temporary results. Since working with Amy I believe I have made a lifestyle change which will benefit me for many years to come.

Helen B.

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Here is my little write up........

For 4 years I have struggled with my weight and the lack of motivation to get rid of it. I tried all kinds of diets and would work out periodically but couldn't find that one thing it took to make me want to stick with it. Then I met Amy. She showed me what it's like to really work out and it didn't take long to start seeing little changes here and there. Three months later, I am down 24 pounds and minus many inches. I have a long ways to go and hope to continue working with Amy until all the excess weight is gone. Weight loss doesn't seem so impossible anymore thanks to Amy giving me the tools to be healthier, and without her knowing it, Amy has given me the motivation I needed to get on the right track and stay there.

Thank You Amy!

Sherrie H.

Starting in Dec. 2007 I started working out with Amy to help me get fit and lose a few pounds that I had gained. To make a long story short by March 2008 I was unable to work out with Amy due to medical problems. Over the next several months I had seen doctor after doctor and in Aug 2008 I was diagnosed with thyroid problems. However my health issues did not stop with that. I had gained quite a bit of weight. At my worst I was 220ish give or take 5 pounds. Amy would call and check in on me to see how I was doing and if I was ready to start working out again. In January 2010 Amy informed me of a weight loss group, eating a low glycemic diet, and I was almost ready to start working out but I needed to lose some weight so I started the classes. This was one of the best classes I have taken in learning how to eat healthy. By May 2010 Amy and I started working out again. Due to health issues that I had, Amy had to start from ground zero with me. Amy started me off with just stretching and helping me slowly get back into shape. Today I am over 70 pounds lighter, I'm starting to use kettle bells and loving it. I have lost the weight I gained and I'm still working out to tone my body. If you're thinking about getting a personal trainer I feel Amy is the best!!! Amy never gave up on me and worked with me to get fit again. Thank you Amy and thank you God for giving me my health back.

Blessings, Sherry L.

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